* Uninterruptible Power System - UPS 

ABB Switzerland is the leader company in UPS's Field which create the second generation and third generation of UPS technology to guarantee highest reliability and availbility through wide range of UPS's to meet the market requirements . 


* Voltage stabilizer 

BELOTTI VARIATORI is active in the electromechanical industry since 1904.
In 1946 they began the production of toroidal variable autotransformers in Milan in co-operation with General Radio. In 1971 they started the production of voltage stabiliser and in the following years the range of them was improved till 2 MVA.
Nowadays, back by more than fifty years of experience in developing them wide range of products, they are one of the leading manufacturer in voltage regulation apparatus.
Belotti Variatori, is a dynamic and export oriented company, located with its plants that occupy 3.000 m² with office, factory and adjacent units.

they are supplier of the most important groups all over Europe, Asia and Africa.
The acquired experience has been essential in these years to comply with the severe quality standards met in them export activity.
The R&D department ensures a progressive technical edge through continuous experimentations and innovations to produce high quality and reliable products in a competitive world market.