EPS has been established by the end of 1999 from a team experience with more than 20 years in the power systems area.

These experiences are supported by many courses attended by its team in USA, France, England and Switzerland
Egyptian Power Systems EPS, is a high class supplier, services and consultations company of power Electronics products, and offers a wide range of specialized information technology support along with power related products and services. The company has its headquarters in Cairo, Egypt, and in turn is going to be extended by a professional sales, consultations and support team.

Our target markets are the emerging markets, and our activities are currently focused on selective customers. Since inception, it has been our goal to be a leading supplier of our power protection product range in the markets in which we are present. We are not box movers only but introducing and executing integrated solutions for power problems thanks to our ream which has long and distinguished experiences and many training courses in USA and Europe. To this end, we have been focused on getting a detailed understanding of these markets, building relationships, and setting up the required infrastructure to support such an operation.

Approaching 15 years in the Market, EPS has an excellent reputation that it operates in. This has been made possible by its commitment to excellence. EPS’s aim is to be a leading supplier of its products and services in selected emerging markets in Egypt.

The philosophy of EPS is to live and die by its professionalism and integrity, which are generally commodities in short supply in its markets of operation. Our philosophy is based upon building deep and long lasting relationships with our customers, by providing quality products and services, rather than seeking to profit exclusively from short-term opportunities. As these markets are generally susceptible to short term political and economic changes, EPS has always taken a long-term view on its product distribution and infrastructure investments, and to this end, compromised short-term profits that might have led to long term failures.

EPS Services


EPS offers UPS's, DC systems, Active power filters, Battery chargers and power supplies from first class manufacturers such as ABB ( Ex- Newave - Switzerland ) , Belotti - Italy  including entire range of products technical and after sales support.


►Service and Support:


•  Our qualified team which leaded by one of the most experienced and qualified  university professor hand by hand with certified engineers provide quality auditing, installation and after sales service.

  • EPS stock the required range of spares to ensure the quickest turnaround for our clients.
  • EPS offer Service level agreement ( SLA )  that provide for equipment if repair time is to be more than 24 hours.
  • EPS offer custom tailored service plans to fit the clients individual needs, including plans that cover the client’s existing power system equipment.

► Our services also include:

  Analysis Needs

  • Comparative Product Analysis
  • Cost Justification
  • Consulting 
  • Sales
  • Installation
  • End-User Training
  • Maintenance and After Sales Support.

Power Consulting:

►Hardware Audits

•  Audit of existing Power system

•  Recommendation of a Power Solution

►Quality Analysis

•  Analysis of the quality of Power feeding your systems

•  Recommendation of improvements in the powertrain system

►Solutions consulting

•  Inspection of your complete facility

•  Identification of the solution

•  Correction of the Problems

►Planning Survey

•  Inspection that determines needs for the network customer

•  Collection of distribution and transformer data

•  Provide a recommendation report